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Giveaway Winner: Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Happy Friday!

Hubby and I are having a date night tonight! WOOHOO! It’s been ages since only the two of us have gone out. We’ll be seeing the new Harold & Kumar movie and then ordering dinner to take home. I don’t want to be out too late!

Hope you all have an excellent Friday and weekend!

And the winner of Drink Deep by Chloe Neill has been selected via plug-in:


Congrats Wrighty! I’ve emailed you and await your response by Sunday, November 6, 9:00 am!

The remaining giveaway winners will be announced either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

Open Giveaways

Ending 11/09

  1. 4th Blogoversary Giveaway #1– Ends 11/09
  2. Giveaway: Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow by Daniel Nayeri – Ends 11/09

All others:

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BlogFest 2011 winner!

Yes, I know. BlogFest was over a long time ago. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy.

Thanks so much to all my new followers and my old followers! There were a total of 1,015 entries.

I wasn’t expecting to get too many new followers because I didn’t make it a requirement to enter my giveaway. I’m not a fan of that as a requirement. I understand wanting new followers but I want followers to follow because they want to. I want my followers to come back. I do not follow any blog because I have to, only because I want to.

Without further ado, the winner is….

BlogFest2011 winner

Congrats Miss Lauren! I’ve emailed you and expect a reply by 1:30 Monday or a new winner will be chosen! I can’t wait to see what she wants. I’ll update here once she lets me know.

Laruen picked:

Before I Go to Sleep: A Novel by S. J. Watson

368 pages, Harper, (2011-06-14)

$14.27 (

I sure did love using Rafflecopter to help me organize my giveaway. It was super easy to create the form and to pick a winner was a click of a button. Couldn’t have asked for anything easier. I hope you enjoyed the experience and if you have a blog of your own I’d recommend signing up for Rafflecopter!

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Demonglass Winners!

Sorry for the late announcement on the winners of the Demonglass winners!

The winners are:

Demonglass winners

Congrats to you both! I have your mailing addresses and will be sending it to the publisher. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word!

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3rd Blogoversary! Winners!

It’s been 3 years today since I wrote my first book review! I’m so excited that I’m still going strong and enjoying it.

Over the past three years I’ve changed a lot on what I’m reading and how I review. I’ve also decided that I mainly do this for me, not that I don’t enjoy followers and making friends, but I do this so that I can express myself. Reading is not just a hobby it’s a part of my life.

I hope you enjoy my reviews enough to stick around for another year!

Thanks to everyone who entered the blogoversary giveaway! I’m glad to see so many of you commenting on having fun. I wanted to do something like this last year but I never got around to it.

First I’ll give you the answers to the snippets then announce the winners!

The Mockingbirds 1



Some wrong answers were: Mockingjay and Mockingbird. Since Mockingbird is an actual title I couldn’t give credit for leaving off the ‘The’ and the ‘s’. Sorry!




anna 2


Some wrong answers were: Amy and the French Kiss, The French Kiss, Perfect Chemistry. Mostly everyone got this!





firespell 2



Just about everyone who guessed this got it right!





hex-hall 2








Shade_cover_large 2

Two people thought this was Bleeding Violet.



ifistaypb 2

A few people thought this was Where She Went.



infinite days 2


Everyone who guessed this got it right!






insatiable_megcabot1 2


Everyone who guessed this got it right!






claire-de-lune 2


One person thought this was Raised by Wolves all others were correct!






across the universe 2. jpg

A few wrong answers were: Glimmerglass and Halo.



matched 2


Everyone who guessed this was correct!






kneebone boy 2


This one seemed to stump quite a few of you.






life of glass 2


Another one that many didn’t have a guess for.






hatelist 2

And the one that had the most incorrect guesses!

sapphique 2









Overall everyone did great!

And so the winners are:

winners top 6

I’ve emailed the winners a link to a form to complete for their winnings! They have until Friday to submit their form or new winners will be selected from the randomly populated list.

Thanks again to everyone!

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Winner: Girl Parts by John Cusick

I should have announced the winner of this giveaway a LONG time ago but the exhaustion that has surrounded my pregnancy is to blame. I do apologize for it taking so long!

The winner of Girl Parts by John Cusick is:

Girl Parts Winner

Congrats Melissa! I’ve emailed you for your shipping address. You have until Friday at noon to respond.

Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word about this giveaway!

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Winner: Alpha by Rachel Vincent

And the winner of my giveaway in celebration of it’s release, Alpha by Rachel Vincent is……

Alpha Winner

Congrats Angela! I’m emailing you to inform you of your winnings and I’ll be placing the order with shortly!

Thanks to everyone else who entered. I hope you all go ahead and order Alpha for yourselves!

Alpha (Shifters Book 6) by Rachel Vincent

480 pages, Mira, (2010-10-01)

$7.99 (