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Review | Undertow by K.R. Conway

Undertow by K.R. Conway

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book.

It is unfortunate that it has some similarities to Twilight and Vampire Diaries but overall, I enjoyed it so much that I forgive these likenesses.

Eila and Raef have one of those instant super natural charged love at first sight things going on.
It’s strong and hot, which is an okay thing but I guess I’ve just read enough contemporary stories lately that I missed the getting to know you background filler. Instead we’re thrown into this strange world of otherworldly creatures with special abilities and oh, my goodness, everyone is trying to kill me situations.

I love the side characters of Ana, Kian and MJ.

I’m off to start the next book of the series! I guess that goes to show that I really did enjoy this book in the end.

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Book Related Cool Stuff | Vol. 2.4

Latest Edition of Book Related Cool Stuff!


This beer is brewed with ACTUAL pages from an old edition of Moby Dick when it was first named The Whale.

“The concept behind the project was to go where beer has never gone before–by adding actual pages from a copy of Moby-Dick to the brew. Michael and Emily Powell took sheets from the book and, along with Rogue Brewmaster John Maier, placed them into the brew kettle.”

Source: Shelf Awareness


Unique rocking chair designed by Hal Taylor. This awesome chair costs a hefty fee of $8,500!

Source: Wrighty’s Reads


Source: 7Gadgets

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Book Related Cool Stuff | Vol. 2.3

Latest Edition of Book Related Cool Stuff!


How cool is this scarf!?

Lowercase Scarf by

Little Factory also offers coasters with the letters too!

They’re back!

I bought this shirt a while ago and I LOVE it! It’s a part of Woot!’s Halloween 2012 collection along with a few other pretty cool Halloween related shirts. But this one. It’s the best!

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Book Related Cool Stuff | Volume 2.1

Presenting you with a few book related cool stuff!


Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy the awesomely creative Shirt.Woot shirts?!?

Swept Away by patrickspens

This is available for today only, unless it’s in The Reckoning ranks for tomorrow, at $12 and free shipping. I have purchased many book related cool shirts from here and am always pleased. I have already ordered this shirt too!


These are TOO adorable! [amazon_link id=”B0074PRCZ0″ target=”_blank” ]Sprout[/amazon_link], the little green bookmark by Fred

Sprout Bookmark

[amazon_image id=”B0074PRCZ0″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”small” ]Sprout Bookmarks[/amazon_image]


Another cool Fred product! These [amazon_link id=”B007M2OFK0″ target=”_blank” ]The End [/amazon_link]bookends are pretty neat!

The End bookends

[amazon_image id=”B007M2OFK0″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”small” ]The End – Organize Your Books Before It’s Too Late[/amazon_image]

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Book Related Cool Stuff Volume 2.0

Haven’t done one of these in forever!

Saw this very cool shower curtain and just had to share!

Dave Eggers Shower Curtain by Dave Eggers

$40.00 at (ends Friday morning!) Origially $65.

THE THING Quarterly is a different kind of periodical: Instead of sending out a publication, it issues useful everyday objects with cultural significance. This special issue 16 comes from American author Dave Eggers, of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius fame. It’s a shower curtain which features a monologue written by Eggers from the perspective of his own shower curtain—how appropriately meta, right? 

If you like this HURRY! It ends Friday morning! Grab it at for $40.

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Book Related Cool Stuff Vol 1.4

There hasn’t been too much to report. Just a few things I saw this past weekend and today. (I published this previously but updated it again)


Add an accent to your walls with this wallpaper of stacks of paperback books. It’s quite pricey at $198 per roll. I’ll just use the real thing.

Source: GeekAlerts


Another awesome shirt from Woot! I actually ordered this one!

And today’s Woot! shirt is:

And if you haven’t signed up for Heartsy yet, what are you waiting for!

Heartsy - Exclusive deals on fabulous handmade designer items at members-only prices.

Today they’re featuring Etsy store No Wonder, who has some amazing Alice In Wonderland silk screened clothing and jewelry! For $19 you get $39 to spend in that shop!


And Bookperk has a two for one offer! For $17.99 you get the movie-tie-in paperback of I Am Number Four and the hardcover edition of The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore!

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Book Related Cool Stuff Vol. 1.2

I’ve decided to make this a feature! As long as I can find some cool stuff to share I’ll be sharing it. I’m pretty terrible at following a schedule on here so it’ll be posted as often as I can handle. I’m thinking once a week to two weeks, again, depending on if I find stuff to share!


I LOVE this shirt! It’s too true and we should all order and wear one. It’s available from Shirt.Woot for $15.

Another cool shirt. Lots of Shakespeare characters. Love it! Available from Shirt.Woot for $15.


Thanks to GeekAlerts I saw this and thought it was cool, until I saw the price! $99.95 for a pillow!? The Bedtime Readers pillow:

This is the adjustable pillow that provides optimal support in your preferred bedtime reading position. The pillow has two sections–one triangular and one rectangular–that fold to create four different pillow shapes, providing a comfortable back- and head-rest whether you are sitting upright or lying supine in bed. The two sections simultaneously support the lower- and upper-back, head, and neck and will not shift out of place, unlike stacked pillows that require repeated adjustment. The 383-thread count cover is made from plush 100% cotton and the pillow is filled with soft gel fiber that molds to the body for support and cushions the head and back to prevent pressure points. Cover is removable and machine washable. Taupe. 25″ L x 25″ W x 9″ D


It seems it’s a theme, also available is The Bedtime Reader’s Nightstand, which I think is awesome! But again the price point is ridiculously high.

 Completely Unrelated Awesome

Who doesn’t want to have Jellyfish on their desktops!? How cool is this!? Of course, I’m seeing a trend here, the tank is very pricey! But it’s the only one specifically designed for jellyfish. See more info at Jellyfish Art.

Source: OhGizmo!