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Review | The Cursed and the Broken (Cursed Blood, #1) by Chloe Hodge

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I loved everything about this book.
The setting was great. A forest with magic beings lurking inside…maybe dangerous, maybe not.
The characters were awesome. I loved Kitarni so much. I feel like she is me. I would do all number of things to keep my family and loved ones safe. If I lived in a time such as hers I would be doing all the things she does. She’s fierce, brave, and 100% woman.
Kitarni’s sister and mother make awesome side characters. As does the second in command and Erika.

We meet the mysterious man in the woods and he’s something else. He lights a fire under Kitarni and she feeds off of those flames.

The mystery that unfolds is a crazy roller coaster. So many emotions, so much love for family members; many willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe or save them.

I CANNOT wait for the second book.
Also, that cover is one of the most beautiful and accurate covers ever. LOVE it!


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