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Review | Paper Hearts by S.R. Savell

Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts by S.R. Savell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I enjoyed reading this book.

The summary had me sucked right in. Teen angst is a great thing and S.R. Savell writes it like a pro.

The characters are great. Michelle was a tad hard to like at first. She is rough around the edges. We learn that she is an unreliable narrator (hint, hint).

Nathaniel is amazing. I was expecting him to be supernatural or something because of his size and his presence. I almost wish some of the chapters were from his point of view. Michelle sums Nate up nicely:

You’re like Mary Poppins with a penis.

— page 29

Michelle and Nathaniel bond and create an odd but great friendship. That friendship hovers near a line of relationship. There is major chemistry between the two. Michelle has had a tough childhood and Nathaniel even more so.

We meet Nathaniel’s grandmother. She is super cool and added some awesomeness to the story.

Plot wise the story was strong. Since Michelle is an unreliable narrator it gets tricky towards the end. Some scenes are retold a few times because Michelle doesn’t want us to know the truth the first time, so pay attention! The truth that we learn is of a tough subject. This subject is rated R and not appropriate for a young audience.

I can’t say that I love the title, though the cover matches that perfectly.
I enjoyed this book very much. The sweet beginning won me over and the end, though traumatic, was handled with care and written perfectly.

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