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What I Read | Week 31

Here’s what I’ve read the past two weeks.

[amazon_image id=”1908844019″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Assassin’s Curse (Strange Chemistry)[/amazon_image]

[amazon_link id=”1908844019″ target=”_blank” ]The Assassin’s Curse (Strange Chemistry)[/amazon_link] by Cassandra Rose Clarke

This book was great! A mix of [amazon_link id=”0805094598″ target=”_blank” ]Shadow and Bone (Grisha Trilogy)[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”1442429992″ target=”_blank” ]Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1)[/amazon_link] and maybe a little bit of [amazon_link id=”1599906953″ target=”_blank” ]Throne of Glass[/amazon_link]. I didn’t love the ending very much but that’s okay because it ensured that I will come back to read the next book in the series.

[amazon_image id=”B008JMKN4Y” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Beautiful Disaster[/amazon_image]

[amazon_link id=”B008JMKN4Y” target=”_blank” ]Beautiful Disaster[/amazon_link] by Jamie McGuire

Now this one was interesting. There seems to be a new genre emerging lately, a mix of YA and adult or rather a more mature YA. While a contemporary at heart this went a  bit deeper than the usual YA. It embraced college issues, abuse in just about all aspects, sex, friendship and addiction, again, in all different kinds of forms. The only major issue I had with this was the length and the focus on some of the topics more than the others. Overall, an enjoyable contemporary.

 [amazon_image id=”0765328674″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Anna Dressed in Blood[/amazon_image]

[amazon_link id=”0765328674″ target=”_blank” ]Anna Dressed in Blood[/amazon_link] by Kendare Blake

I bought this a few weeks ago when it was on sale for the Kindle. It was a book many had said they enjoyed the most recently. I, however, did not see the appeal. I was not able to get past 34%. It was a YA version of [amazon_link id=”B000FP2OPY” target=”_blank” ]Supernatural[/amazon_link] with a hint of [amazon_link id=”B0046XG48O” target=”_blank” ]Buffy the Vampire Slayer[/amazon_link]. A YA horror and ghost story but one I just was not compelled to finish.

[amazon_image id=”0988054000″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls[/amazon_image]

[amazon_link id=”0988054000″ target=”_blank” ]Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls[/amazon_link] by Tellulah Darling

Now this book….was interesting and not really in a good way. This is YA but it is way mature for a budding teen. It’s focus is purely on sex. Two best friends, Sam and Ally, manage to cross the line to friends with benefits. It’s vulgar yet hilarious. The tone is true to teens, especially Sam’s. I couldn’t really relate to Ally’s character too much. A quick read.

Up next

Not sure what I’ll read next. I did start a book late last night but I’m not feeling it anymore.



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