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Help Scholastic Donate New Books to Children in Need!

Scholastic has launched a new campaign: One Million Bookprints for One Million Books.

How do you help? Create a Bookprint by going to!

Each time a new Bookprint is created Scholastic will donate a new children’s book to Reach Out and Read.

What is a Bookpring? It’s the 5 books that have had the most impact on your life thus far.

It’s so easy, please go create a Bookprint and help children read!

To read the full press release please follow this link.

Also, Scholastic has launched another campaign to help children do “virtual field trips”. Teaching with Brian Selznick allows children to virtually visit the American Museum of Natural History, which is the setting of his newest bestselling children’s book , Wonderstruck. If you know a teacher please forward this information over to them! They may be able to incorporate this into their lesson plans!


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2 thoughts on “Help Scholastic Donate New Books to Children in Need!

  1. Very, very cool. I’m bookmarking that Scholastic site and will give it some thought. That’s a pretty powerful question: the 5 books that impacted you the most. I can think of three that got me through some really tough times, but I’ll have to give those other two some thought.

    What were your five books?


    1. I’m very impressed with Scholastic overall. They always seem to be doing something great.

      5 books may seem like so little but when it comes down to impact on your life? Not so easy. I’m just like you. I have 3 firm books: The Giver by Lois Lowry, The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt, and Cane River by Lalita Tademy. I can’t seem to pick 2 more. I’m thinking maybe because I’m only 28 that the next 2 may take me 28 more years to discover? 🙂

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