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Sharing is Caring Vol. 1.0

Today I thought I’d share some intersting things I’ve stumbled upon!

Movie News!

Did you know that Karen Marie Moning’s FEVER series was purchased for feature film rights by DreamWorks?!?! It was previously sold to 20th Century Fox under their New Regency branch. I truly hope they decide to get to work on this series. I’d actually much rather see it as a TV series than a film, much like HBO is doing with TrueBlood and the Sookie Stackhouse series. Either way they’ve got their work cut out for them in casting the male lead, Jericho Z Barrons. They better not disappoint me with that role.

Source: Babbling about Books, More

Free Book!

Available for preorder and Free on the Kindle is BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS (with Bonus material) by Anna Godbersen, which releases September 6th.

For a limited time, the first book in New York Times bestselling author Anna Godbersen’s epic new series Bright Young Things is available for free. Also includes an excerpt from the forthcoming sequel Beautiful Days and fashion tips on how to achieve the perfect flapper look.


I’ve recently been shopping for various things recently and I’ve come across some pretty cool sites. The last three are my favorite!

Mamabargins has some nifty bargains all day long. They don’t announce them unless you follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

BabySteals and KidSteals have two steals per day.

Woot has some interesting bargain items too. They’re more gadgety, which I love. And the t-shirts are always something to see.

Totsy is sorta like the children’s version of Gilt or Hautelook. They have multiple deals going on, mostly designer brands.

Heartsy is my new favorite site. They showcase about 4 different Etsy stores a day and offer you store credit for usually half the price! Example: I purchaed $20 store credit for only $9! I bought two sewing patterns to make my daughter a super cute dress and skirt. Now only if my sewing machine would stop mucking up!

BabyLegs has the most adorable socks, tights, and legwarmers ever! I ordered $75 worth of socks for Riley (he’s known at daycare for having fabulous socks!) for only $23! They had an amazing sale going on. Now they have a BabyLegs Deal of the Day, offering 50% off one of their items per day!

OutGrowingIn is a clothing swap site. You pay $3 for a box full of clothes (plus $10.95 shipping). So, $13.95 got me approx. 10 outfits for my little man! There are lots of other sites that do this but I’ve found this site to be one of the best in options, specifically the ability to actually see pictures of the items, if you have a Premium membership, which I have a 6 month trial of.


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