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Book Related Cool Stuff Vol 1.3

Here’s the latest book related cool stuff I’ve come across!


Some cool hand bookends!?

Source: 7Gadgets



Another set of bookends! These would be great in a kids room.

Source: GeekAlerts


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2 thoughts on “Book Related Cool Stuff Vol 1.3

  1. I love bookends! Either the hands or the Charlie Brown & Snoopy would be good to have.
    Mine are mostly crystal ball thingies:)
    Happy Monday to you Jess:)

    1. Happy Monday to you too!

      I seemed to have come down with a headcold (sore throat, ear and nose) but I’m in high spirits today.

      I don’t own any bookends. o.O Because my shelves are full of books…no need to hold them up if there’s no room for them to begin with.

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