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Book Related Cool Stuff Vol. 1.1

Posted by The Cozy Reader

A few things I’ve seen recently that I wanted to share!

If only my budget wasn’t so tight I’d be buying a few of these awesome things!



Bookworm socks. Awesome. Available from ThinkGeek for $10.99 a pair.

A Woot T-shirt for the Harry Potter fans. $15.

Reading Accessories

There are 3 other designs but this is my favorite! A pad of 25 bookmarks for $6 is available from Knock Knock. I love most of their products!

A Fred product, another one of my favorite quirky companies, this the Fingerprint bookmark band. It’s $7 on MoMA Store but is readily available at other sites for just slightly more. I love that you can point it to the exact line that you leave off on.

Have you seen any cool and unusual bookish things? Link me to them in the comments!

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  1. Lori Strongin

    Yeah, I totally want those Nerd socks. How awesome is it that it’s now cool to be a nerd?!

    Nifty bookmark, too!


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