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Back to work and daycare!

Well it’s officially that time: back to work.

I’ve been home since April 13th, delivered Riley on April 25th and will be returning to work on June 20th. Riley will be 8 weeks old!

I’m so grateful to the time I’ve had to stay at home getting ready for his birth and now the 8 weeks of watching him grow. I’m sad to have to leave him with strangers, even if it is at a very nice daycare.

The tasks we’ll all have to overcome this week seem monstrous at the moment.

Me: Leaving my baby boy and little girl! Pumping! Working! Driving! Waking up (and staying up) early! (with NO coffee)
Riley: No mama for a whole day! Bottles?!!? (he still isn’t taking one!) New people and a new place.
Madison: Making new friends and meeting new teachers.

The reward of picking them both up on Monday is going to be phenomenal. Only to have to turn around and do it again on Tuesday.

Riley is really going to have a terrible time if he doesn’t buckle down and accept a bottle. I’ve been trying most of this past week getting him to take the ones I bought (Breastflow — good for switching back and forth between breast and bottle) but I’m thinking I should have started a lot sooner or maybe I need to buy a different brand. He acts like the nipple is too firm. I’m going to look at different brands today to see if he’ll accept something different.

I just hope he accepts one on Monday!

Madison is super excited about going to Noah’s Ark. I have no doubt that this transition will go smoothly for her. She has a field trip the very first day! She gets to go to the pool every Wednesday and even a trip to the Antietam Dairy this Thursday!

Riley has his 2 month check up this coming week as well. I’m excited to see how much he’s weighting now. He’s such a big boy!

He’d been having fits every night for the past few weeks. Right around 7-8 pm he’d get super fussy and eventually vomits all over me. I’ve stopped drinking coffee this week and so far it seems to have helped. He hasn’t vomited for the past 3 days. I was getting headaches w/o the coffee but that seems to have stopped just today. I miss drinking it so I may grab some decaf while at the store today.

Wish us luck for this week! We’ll need it!
Until next week….


Wife, mother of a nearly 7 year old daughter named Madison and new baby boy Riley. Avid reader on my Amazon Kindle. World of Warcraft and CS:S gamer.

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  1. Luckily, I didn’t drink coffee at all when I was nursing–I had not discovered the joys of starbucks yet. I’m thinking of going back to work. It’s been 8 years.

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