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5 thoughts on “Free Kindle Preorder: 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

  1. Bella F.

    cool! thanks for the heads up or I might’of missed it:)

    1. The Cozy Reader

      You are very welcome! I hadn’t read it yet so I’m thrilled to get a free copy. I have the sequel from NetGalley and was wondering if I’d be able to read it since I didn’t have the first book and didn’t plan on buying it with my limited book buying funds. :)

  2. Genna Sarnak

    Thanks for sharing this. I saw Maureen speak at an event a few weeks ago and she was phenomenally funny. I’ve been meaning to buy her books since then and this is a good excuse! :D

    1. The Cozy Reader

      Lucky you! I only see authors when I go to BEA. :( I’m looking forward to reading this series. Her second book comes out at the end of April.

      1. Genna Sarnak

        At least you get to go to BEA, right?! I’m going this year for the first time and I cannot WAIT! :)

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