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Books for Thought: Did a song ever remind you of a book?

La Femme Readers post today is Books for Thought!

I talked about this very topic a few months ago after hearing a Justin Bieber song of all things! Did you catch that post? No? Here’s a link to it.

So, my answer to this question is that very blog post. Songs do remind of me of books I’ve read. And usually they remind me of books that bore into me in one way or another. I LOVE that feeling. I remember hearing that Justin Bieber song and just playing it over and over again because it was just too perfect and I loved feeling that feeling.

What about you? Any songs that remind you of books you’ve read?


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2 thoughts on “Books for Thought: Did a song ever remind you of a book?

  1. ‘Til Summer Comes Around by Keith Urban reminds me so much of Sam & Grace from Shiver. I always think of them when I hear it. 🙂

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