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In My Mailbox: Week 7

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Here’s what I got this week! And some baby stuff too!


What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

416 pages, Viking Juvenile, (2011-05-10)

$11.75 (

And I already have an author signed copy of this one, so look for a giveaway soon!

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

208 pages, Dutton Juvenile, (2011-04-05)

$9.99 (


Free Kindle Editions

Retro Demonology by Jana Oliver

St. Martin’s Griffin, (2010-12-13)


A Demon Trapper’s bonus story.

Baby Stuff

I told you last week that I ordered some things from Old Navy, well they came! I ordered 3 sizes of the middle outfit because I LOVE it!


We also picked up his furniture and spent all day Saturday putting it together. I LOVE it. I can’t wait to buy some accessories to finish off his room. We have a few final touches to do: install closet doors, paint touch ups, paint the mural, install new ceiling fan/light combo, install new blinds, buy a soft rug for the middle of the floor and paint the door white. (Click image for larger picture.)


Kitty Cookie Monster approves. We’ve caught her sleeping in the crib several times already. The other cats have been checking this out too.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant today. I’m hoping to delivery the week of April 11th, but not the 14th cause that’s my birthday and I want him to have his own special day; so about 6-7 weeks to go! I’m so ready for him too!

What did you get this week?


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12 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: Week 7

  1. My sister ended up having her baby on my birthday. At first she joked that she would have her then, but then when it turned out that she needed a c-section done, my birthday was the best date, and plus this way my niece wouldn’t have been born on Xmas like I was supposed to be as well!

    Need to read The Demon Trapper’s Daughter! Thought I heard some good things about that one!

    Thanks for visiting my IMM earlier!

    1. My sister had her son on her birthday, so they both have Halloween birthdays now. It’s pretty funny. I thought for sure she was going to have her daughter on their birthday too but she ended up arriving 6 days later on November 6th. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind having him on my birthday but I don’t want him to have to share if at all possible.

  2. Your babies room looks great! I’m a mother of two, 4 year old girl and I just had a little boy on New Years Day 😀 its exciting, yet overwhelming isnt it? My daughters birthday is April 8, so hell be pretty close to her birthday.

    1. Thanks Heather! I’m not feeling too overwhelmed yet. I’ve been wanting this for a few years now so I’m excited to get things going. Congrats on the New Year’s Day baby!

  3. i’m so jealous you have Where She Went! I loved If I Stay. congrats on the baby though, and thanks for the comment…I hope you like the upcoming posts. The furniture and clothes are adorable, and that is so cute your cat is sleeping in the crib. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lauren! That’s my second copy of Where She Went so a giveaway is in order. 🙂 Looking forward to your upcoming posts/giveaways. And of course the updates on your upcoming niece!

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