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Adorable Booties! And a baby update!

I haven’t done much of a personal update about my pregnancy for a while but I just ordered some of the most adorable booties I’ve ever seen and I must share them!

I found this Etsy shop via a Pregnancy blog I follow, which is Pregnancy & Newborn: Baby Buzz.

Bison Girl Shop (see discount info below!) hand makes these adorable baby booties and I just had to have a pair. So I ordered these:

And then I saw that she also makes custom pairs too! So, I had her go shopping for some cute frog fabric, we picked our favorite and she went right to work! Here are the custom froggy ones:


Erica (Bison Girl Shop) has offered 10% off her shop for my readers! Just enter COZYREADER11 before February 1st! Thanks so much Erica! She was such a breeze  to work with and I can’t wait to order more of these! (psst… they’re only $20!)

Our nursery theme is frogs and we already have a few froggy outfits so these will be  perfect additions.

You’re probably wondering about our theme and thinking…hmm, frogs and blue and green are awfully boyish things. That’s because we’re having a boy!

We’ve already picked out his name: Rylie Shane (Shane is my hubby’s middle name).

We’re so excited about his arrival. We’ve started to transform our 6 year old daughter’s, Madison, playroom into her new room. We’ve started painting and should have it done this weekend. Then we’ll start on Rylie’s room. We’ve ordered the bedding:

Click picture to see close ups.

We also ordered the matching crib mobile as well as the mural pattern as seen in this picture.

We also love the furniture in this picture so much that we tracked it down and hope to either order it ourselves or hope that maybe the grandparents can help fund the purchase. We have our old furniture but we’d love to get this dark wood as well as the advancement in safety this crib has to offer.

We had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound just before Christmas. Obviously finding out he’s a he, we got a few great pictures.  Here are just a few:

To see the rest, feel free to check them out on my Facebook album. It’s public so no worries about having to sign in or create an account.

All is well with little Rylie, however, my amniotic fluid measured in one point above normal so they want to double check it at 28 weeks, which will be February 7th. We’re hoping to get another peek at Rylie. I’ll be calling to find out if that’s possible, otherwise I’ll want to schedule a  private 3D/4D ultrasound with StorkVision, which we did with Madison and would hate to not have one for our son.

As of right now I’m 24 weeks and 2 days. I’ve been feeling good, definitely feeling pregnant. I’ve been sleeping pretty good since I treated myself to a maternity pillow. I haven’t gained too much, about 10 lbs., so I don’t feel like a whale quite yet. I gained 70 lbs. with Madison. I’m really hoping to get no where near that!

He is so active it’s crazy! I’ve been able to feel him move since about 14 weeks and it’s like he hasn’t stopped since! He’s so active I thought maybe there was something wrong but the doctors insist that it’s not a bad thing when they move regularly, even if it’s forceful, but to worry when they aren’t moving enough. I’m glad that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about right now. 🙂

I’ll be sure to update you with any more cute purchases as well as  updates from our next ultrasound.

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