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I was reading my daily email from Shelf Awareness today and at the top was a banner advertising Lisa McMann’s upcoming release of Cryer’s Cross, which will release 02/08/11. The banner said "Click here to read the eGalley!" so I clicked!

Here’s the banner for you to see too! CLICK HERE to go to the Simon & Schuster Galley Grab beta registration site.

If you’re a blogger, librarian, bookseller, teacher, journalist, producer or other publishing professional you are eligible to register for eGalleys through this service!

I hope to see many more eGalleys from this publisher as it’s one of my favorite publishers and I can’t wait to read Lisa McMann’s new release!


Once I registered an email came to me that included several other awesome YA titles I’ve been looking forward to reading! Some included:

Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) by Lauren DeStefano

368 pages, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, (2011-03-22)

$17.99 (

Evercrossed (Kissed By An Angel) by Elizabeth Chandler

288 pages, Simon Pulse, (2011-03-08)

$16.99 (

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

288 pages, Simon Pulse, (2011-02-22)

$16.99 (

Choker by Elizabeth Woods

240 pages, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, (2011-01-04)

$16.99 (

So, again, if you review books I highly suggest you sign up for these! Smile

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22 thoughts on “Simon & Schuster Galley Grab beta

  1. Leigh Ann Baird

    Sounds like an interesting book. I finally ordered a Kindle (they are so cheap now, how could I resist?!) and it should arrive next week! Yipee!

    1. The Cozy Reader

      That’s awesome! Enjoy! The new ones are so pretty compared to my original device.

      I’d highly suggest signing up for a NetGalley account so you can get some free eGalleys from them too! :)

  2. Cass

    I just got the email from them, and there’s SO MUCH MORE!!! There’s Wither, Choker, Haven, Deadly, Slice of Cherry and a lot more. :) I don’t know how I’m going to read them all though.

    1. The Cozy Reader

      I know! I got one too and I was shocked! I was going to update my post tonight with the other titles! :)

  3. Marie

    This sounds like a cool program! I just signed up, hopefully I signed up right!

    1. The Cozy Reader

      I know right?! And there are a bunch more awesome titles available too!

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    […] Simon & Schuster Galley Grab beta […]

  5. Madison

    I am a teen book reviewer for the bookstore I work at. I signed up for GalleyGrab and got Cryer’s Cross. But I was just wondering when you got your email for Wither and Choker? I have been waiting to review these books. I have been signed up for 2 days now and was wondering if I would be recieving the email soon, or if there is something else I have to do. Thanks!

    1. The Cozy Reader

      What I did was sent an email to them:

      Asking them how to access other galleys. Shortly after sending that email I received a summary email of other titles available.

      I’d recommend sending a short request on how to access other galleys like I did.

      Make sure you use the email address you registered under. :)

  6. Madison

    Thank you very much. I followed your advice and I will hopefully be getting a reply from galleygrab soon.

  7. Peep

    Have you received a newsletter for December? Just curious! I’m wondering how often they send them out :)

    1. The Cozy Reader

      Nope. I haven’t. :(

      1. Peep

        Oh that stinks for us! But I’m kinda glad, I was hoping it wasn’t just me! I sent them an email but hadn’t received a response.

  8. Madison

    I sent them an email a while ago and still haven’t recieved a response. I sent it multiple times too. I don’t know why I never received the newsletters, or why the emails I sent never recieved a response…

    1. The Cozy Reader

      The only reason I can think that you wouldn’t receive a reply is if they didn’t approve you for their requirement. Are you a blogger? Libririan? I’d assume they’d approve you if you fall into their approved categories.

  9. Madison

    I review books through the bookstore I work at. I was approved for Cryer’s Cross though, so I it wouldn’t make sense that they wouldn’t at least reply saying that I didn’t fit their criteria, especially sense I was already approved for a previous book. Well, I sent them a new email and hopefully they will respond this time. Thanks for your help.

  10. Dee @ Good Choice Reading


    I just signed up today for Galley Grab and I got an e-mail saying I was approved and to download my galley follow the instructions. Which I did, but it was a title. I was wondering is that what happened to you at first and then you got the newsletter?

    Or did I just get approved for this book? lol

  11. Peep

    I can’t remember. I think that’s how it worked for me. But I also signed up for a specific title, and had to sign up for the program to get it.

  12. Dee @ Good Choice Reading

    I found this page clicked on NEW USER and signed up and then got my email saying

    “You now have access to the beta version of Galley Grab”

    so does that mean I am approved lol?

    Why can’t they just be on NetGalley lol

    1. The Cozy Reader

      I’d assume so. I agree. NetGalley is so much easier! I can actually read those books on my Kindle!

  13. Tiffany Dall

    I just went through the same thing. I signed up and got the email giving me access to Mystery Galley, clicked and got Cryer’s Cross. I was so excited that I didn’t even think about other books, but after reading this I’ve realized that it’s not just a one-at-a-time thing. Thanks for the heads up! I sent an email. :)

  14. Chrizette

    I love NetGalley too but am going to try GalleyGrab as well. I registered today, so I will see if I get an approval as well :)

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