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Movie Trailer: I Am Number Four

Man. I haven’t wanted to read a book because of a movie trailer before but do I now!

I’m not sure if I’ve paid this book any attention but it is now one that I’m putting at the top of my list.

Apparently there’s some controversy about the publishing of this title involving James Frey and some ridiculous contract made with the writer of the story.

While I may not agree to the contract, meaning I personally wouldn’t sign it, someone else did. It was their decision and they will need to live with the outcome, which looks pretty good considering the book hasn’t been out that long and a movie is already being made. I hope whoever did write this book has learned from their mistake: they can write and will make it just fine in the publishing business if they want to make an effort to join in.

I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies) by Pittacus Lore

448 pages, Harper, (2010-08-01)

$17.99 (

The narrator of this action adventure novel calls himself Number Four, but the three previous numbers have all been caught and killed. Each of these superhuman entities resembles we mere earthlings, but that resemblance conceals powers new to our weakling planet. Pittacus Lore’s unconventional fantasy will cause you to look closely at suspicious strangers. Editor’s recommendation.


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