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Review: The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, #1) by Inara Scott

The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, #1)The Candidates by Inara Scott

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Initial Review

Wasn’t that great. Official review to come.

Page 83: Getting interesting…finally.

Edited orignal post: 11/03/10 9:16 am.

I’m usually a big fan of the boarding school for gifted students with super powers. And while I enjoyed the characters, to an extent, this book just didn’t wrap it all together as good as I’ve come to expect from other series that have this sort of theme:

The SummoningΒ (not a “boarding school” but almost!)

Hex Hall

And while those two are more paranormal I think they are still comparable.

I felt that the story line took too long to get moving that the setting, while interesting, was dragged out a bit too much and more details to what was actually going on needed to be addressed but in a better fashion than it was already being done. ETA: I realize that this was the first of a series and that the setup is necessary but OMG get to the point already. Beating around the bush about what was really going on in that school was not necessary. I’m thinking maybe a younger reader wouldn’t have been as frusturated by this; I don’t know.

The timing was also arranged weird. Dancia was able to go home to her grandmother’s for the weekend but that was hardly ever shown. I really liked her grandmother and wanted more interaction between them.

The love triangle was also pretty infuriating. Jack was mysterious but real. Cam was just uncomfortable to me as the reader. Kind of like those scary movies where you yell at the girl “DON’T GO IN THERE!” cause youΒ  know that theΒ bad guy is in there waiting for her. I felt like dragging Dancia away from Cam everytime they were together.

And the ending pretty much sucked. I was not a fan. ETA: I realized after this posted that my explanation, or lack there of, is terrible. I didn’t like the ending because nothing was really accomplished. I felt no closure of anything. I felt that the overall story should have been rewritten to speed the unveiling of the mysteries much faster. Maybe switching the POV between characters, I don’t think that was done, but I would have enjoyed that.

Lastly, the main character’s name: Dancia, was a little too weird for my tastes. I tripped over it everytime I saw it. I wasn’t sure if it was to be pronounced as what it looks like DANCE-ia or something else entirely. I eventually renamed her to just “D”. I could not for the life of me grasph her name. It just didn’t flow.

At this time I have no plans of picking up the next book of this series. Unless of course Disney wants to give me a second shot at liking this series, then I’d consider reviewing it. πŸ™‚

I received a review copy from the publisher: Disney/Hyperion.

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7 thoughts on “Review: The Candidates (Delcroix Academy, #1) by Inara Scott

  1. i adore honest book reviews and sometimes get worried that i dislike more books than i like. πŸ™‚

    the character’s name is weird–i read it as ‘dan-ika-‘ until i got to the end and realized the c was in the wrong place for that pronunciation.

    hope you enjoy your next read a bit more. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, weird names are a no-no in my book.

      I’m actually re-reading Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series right now. I hardly EVER re-read anything but I’m loving it because there’s so much I’ve forgot or overlooked the first time. πŸ™‚

  2. I started reading this a little while back and it totally failed to capture my interest. Hence, I gave up and back to the library it went. Oh, and I gotta add that I am getting really sick & tired of love triangles. Why is it that YA authors think that all girls/young women want love triangles. It’s not even all that realistic. I mean, come on, how many people out there find themselves in a love triangle in real life.

    Plus, when you really think about it, most of the books that involve a love triangle also incorporate the idea of “the one”–the soul mate/perfect match that the female protagonist is meant to be with forever & ever. Consequently, the 2nd male lead winning the affections of the heroine is essentially a moot point.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marg! I know what you mean about the triangles. I’m a fan of a “good” triangle but there’s a point when it does need to stop and the characters need to progress beyond the triangle.

      I’m a fan of strong lead female characters. Making the character strong enough to chose which male she should be with is a huge point that I look for in a good book. And don’t get me started on the TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) characters. πŸ™‚

  3. the book just kept letting me down, everytime danika had a chance to show a brain or a back bone she faild. she followed blindly the hunk while questioned and even gave off anger to the guy who actually was honest and was there for her, i mean she dosent even wonder why shes loosess her reasons to question wen shes talking to men who she knows can manipulate her(cam admited that they could) she still choses them. they act like the bad boy was a villan wen he chose to sacrafice people for the “cure” yet his sanario was the only one were earth was saved and peole lived while the others failed and everone died but he was villified, the only thing to make the crappy characters ok is if there is a second book were danika starts asking questions and opening her eyes and dosent bendover for a pretty face, wich i have a filling will happen mabey this book is so infuriating is so we would read sequeals to see if the charcters grow

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