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Review: The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1) by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Initial Review:

How awesome was that adventure!? I can’t wait to start the next book.

P.S. – I <3 Ash. Just sayin’.


Purchased Kindle Edition through after reading Winter’s Passage for free from


I loved this book! It’s kind of an epic fantasy because Meghan goes so far to do one thing: save her brother from the Iron King.

The fantasy aspect of this story was brilliantly portrayed. I don’t think there were any scenes that I couldn’t picture with movie quality in my head.

The characters in this book were a huge reason of why I liked it so much. They were all relatable and real, even though most of them were not “human” and most possessed supernatural powers of some sort but it didn’t matter. In the end everyone has feelings and those feelings can be manipulated for good or bad.

Meghan’s character is strong-willed and any teenaged girl would aspire to be just like her.

Meghan’s childhood friend Robbie is too funny for words and reminded me of Peter Pan.

Prince Ash was oh so swoon worthy. I must say that a huge part of my love of this book was the romantic element involved!

Grimilkin, the cat, was a total facepalm kind of cat. His direct approach to just about everything added some very funny scenes.

I’m forever a Julie Kagawa fan and I cannot wait for The Iron Queen to come out!

I highly recommend this series!

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