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Review: Dust City by Robert Paul Weston

Dust CityDust City by Robert Paul Weston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Again, my Goodreads status updates speak volumes when it comes to the books I love. And boy did I LOVE this book!

Page 23: This book is made of awesome!

Page 97: Loving this meshing of fairy tale characters into this awesomely weird setting!

Page 218: Amazing. Looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up! 🙂

Finished: Awesome book. Highly recommend.

This book was just so, so original with plot twists and turns that it was nearly impossible for me to put it down. And I’m having no issues of remembering what happened!

It’s basically a murder mystery being solved by Henry Whelp, the son of the Big Bad Wolf, his dad is in jail for the murder of Little Red Riding Hood. It includes fairy tale characters such as:

Snow White (Detective White)

Cinderella (Cindy Ella)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Jack)

And a few more minor characters.

The city it’s self is kind of a dystopia setting. There’s a mystical city floating above that once inhabited Pixies, which have been killed off for their highly addictive pixie dust, hence the title Dust City. The pixies also serve as another plot line of what happened to them.

The ending is well formed and ties up all loose ends.

I plan to keep my eye on this author, Robert Paul Weston, as this story was just socreatively written that I want to read more by him! I know he has another young adult or middle school book out called Zorgamazoo. Once I get through my to be read pile I hope to grab a copy of this!

The only negative thing I have about this book is it’s very dark cover. The cover makes perfect sense to the contents inside but I know I would probably never pick this book up if I saw it in the bookstore, which is so sad because it was an awesome book. I haven’t seen a finished copy of this book so maybe it looks better in person.

Highly recommend this book.
I received this as a review copy from the publisher, Razorbill.

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