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Review: The Girl Made of Cool by Alan Fox (Giveaway)

The Girl Made of Cool (First Edition) by Alan Sean Fox

240 pages, StoryFocus Communications, (2009-07-14)

$18.95 (

This is a book I couldn’t connect with because of the format that it’s written in. It’s broken down into acts yet not written like a play but yet it’s read like a screenplay if that makes sense.

There’s a lot of extensive, unnecessary detail in the first few pages that made my imagination seize to work because it was working overtime to create the image exactly as described. It hurt my head.

But I didn’t finish this book. I wasn’t even able to get past the first few pages before having to stop.

I was very upset about not liking the format of this author because Alan is such a nice guy. His emails have continued to be personable and polite. I even explained to him the issue I was having and he said he understood that his writing wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

Therefore, it is with pleasure that I will give away my copy to anyone who leaves a comment letting me know exactly why you think you’d enjoy this book. Are you in acting or screenplay writing? Do you watch a lot of TV? The scene switching reminds of of TV episodes.


Please leave a detailed comment by August 8th letting me know why you think you’d enjoy The Girl Made of Cool. Shipping to the US only. I’ll enter all comments in a spreadsheet as they come in.

A big thanks to Alan for being understanding. I do hope to pass this book on to someone who will love The Girl Made of Cool.


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7 thoughts on “Review: The Girl Made of Cool by Alan Fox (Giveaway)

  1. I just love when books are broken into Acts, it’s great. I have written screen plays before, they weren’t big though. And I watch a huge amount of TV. Which is definitely not healthy…lol. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this book around a lot and the premise sounds like something I’d really like. I also think I’d like this unique format. I really enjoy books that use different formats, like ones written entirely in letters, or e-mails, etc.

  3. I think it sounds interesting, and like you, it would be a completely different format for me, so I’d love the challenge as well!

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