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Giveaway: The Kindling of Greenfyr by Mark Freeman

The Kindling of GreenFyr: Book One of the Reunification Conspiracy by Mark Freeman

552 pages, PublishAmerica, (2008-08-11)

$34.95 (

Summary (Goodreads)

The Kindling of GreenFyr is the story of Owen McInish, an awkward fourteen-year-old bullied at school and friendless except for his pet cat, Piper. That is until a snow leopard is chased through the woods behind his house by three huge gray dogs with glowing green eyes. Owen saves the leopard from her pursuers, but the animal escapes him as well, only to return later. The cat’s behavior is peculiar, nothing like a wild animal, making Owen even more curious as to its origin. Eventually, the cat allows Owen to pet her. Owen finds himself experiencing friendships as he has never before. Adventures as he has never imagined. And political intrigue as two worlds, long separated, begin to collide.

Why I Haven’t Read It

I’ve had this review copy for so long now that I just think it’s only fair that I give it away to someone who wants to read it and will do a review.

Basically the sheer size of this has deterred me away from reading it. I used to go for the massive sized books all the time a few years ago. Basically, I wanted my moneys worth if I was going to buy a new book at Borders.

I also was scared I’d find it too juvenile and over detailed. I can imagine a book of this topic, with its size, that there’s bound to be a ton of details looming between those pages.


If you are interested in reading this, have a book review blog, and agree to post a review within say 1 – 2 months and email me a link to the review then please fill out the below form.

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