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Non-Review: Wereling by Steve Feasey (ARC tour rant)


Wereling by Steve Feasey

288 pages

Feiwel & Friends, (2010-04-27)

$9.99 (


I read the first 20 pages of Wereling before I’d had enough with the pressure (see below rant).

It was a great 20 pages. I was hooked and wanted to keep reading.

I loved the opening scene. It was original and very visual.

I’ll probably pick it up again. Seeing as this released in April I can grab it pretty cheap used. 🙂

The purpose of this “non-review” is because a review is required for this ARC Tour. 😛


I received this book briefly for the Book It Forward ARC Tours, which I’ll never do again. 🙁

Why? Because I have a huge issue with putting my current read aside to read an ARC that’s on tour and I don’t respond well to pressure.

I’m not a fan of the pressure of ARC Tours and I don’t need anymore pressure to read than my TBPile. And yes, I did realize when I signed up that I promised to have the book read within a week and shipped on to the next person and that I was to link to my review.

So what happens when I receive Wereling? Nothing. I had just started a new job, was reading another book that I desperately wanted to finished before I started a new one. And before I knew it I had 2 days to read a book. Yeah, I’ve read books faster than that but with how my schedule was running it wasn’t going to happen without the loss of sleep.

Also, when I received the ARC Tour Schedule it clearly had me at the bottom of the list. I found out the day I emailed the Tour coordinator for an extension that I was NOT the last person on the tour and I would not be granted additional time to read. All in a not so very nice tone. Excuse me but I do not need to be reprimanded by you, I knew the rules and explained that to you in my initial email kthx. I was looking for some leeway and I was shot down.

Why the ARC Tour Schedule wasn’t in order by shipping I don’t know. Obviously if I wouldn’t have been at the bottom I would have known for sure I wasn’t the last on the tour and I might not have requested an extension and just backed out entirely and shipped to the next person. But I was the last person on the list…..



It looks like there’ll be a sequel to this book. 🙂

Dark Moon: A Wereling Novel by Steve Feasey

336 pages

Feiwel & Friends, (2011-02-01)

$9.99 (

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