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Kelly Link Blog Tour

I wanted to make a post dedicated to just the links to Kelly’s blog tour. Her story is amazing and should be read by all. It reminds you that authors are people too. They experience good and bad things in their life like everyone else.

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

June 6 – Part One – The Cozy Reader (here)

June 7 – Part Two – Forever Young: A YA Lit Blog

During the five months that we went up to the NICU, every night after dinner to sit beside Ursula’s incubator, I began to feel sure that if I died, I would come back as a ghost that waited beside the door to the NICU, a ghost that stood for long minutes washing its hands, a ghost that sat on a stool beside an incubator. I don’t know that I’ll write that story, but even now, I can imagine that ghost.

June 8 – Part One – Parajunkee’s View

June 9- Reviews by Brooke — lists!
June 10 –
June 11 –
June 14: Fantasy &  SciFi Lovin’ News & Reviews
June 15:
June 15:
June 16:
June 17:
June 18:

I’ll update this post with the actual live link once I have it.


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