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Cover Art: Hexbound (Dark Elite, Book 2) by Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill has unveiled the stunning cover for book 2 of her Dark Elite series, Hexbound. Firespell, book 1, was a good read. Check out my review.

Hexbound is slated to release in January 2011.


I really love this cover! Love the color combination and the girl that’s portraying Lily is lovely.


Firespell (Dark Elite, Book 1) by Chloe Neill

Hexbound isn’t available on yet but I’m sure it will be soon!

What do you think? Pretty huh?

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10 thoughts on “Cover Art: Hexbound (Dark Elite, Book 2) by Chloe Neill

  1. Pretty! Reminds me of the covers for Strange angels and The immortals! Don't you think?

  2. i agree with 1inseveralbillion, this one reminds me of Dark Flame from the immortals serie but i like this one much more. The girl is beautiful, and if firespell was not my favorite read i definitely want to read the sequel!

  3. I've got Firespell on top of my TBR pile. I LOVE this cover, it is fantastic, I love it even more than the cover of Firespell! Love the blue/greem mystical light.Jess, I also wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you here.Stella

  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous cover! I love the pretty bluish-greenish hue. I will definitely be reading it when it's released. 😀

  5. I saw it last night when she posted on Facebook – I love it too and I cant WAIT Firespell was soo good, I bet this one is going to be awesome as well!

  6. Yeah, it's similar to a lot of covers these days but I think it's better than a few like it. The font and the coloration is awesome. :)And please, don't compare anything to the Immortal series. I despise that series with a passion!

  7. Yep..this cover fits perfectly with the first one. Love the blue tinge as well…thanks for sharing!

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