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New Facebook Page!

Hello my lovely followers!

Upon the advice of a dear friend, LJ, I have created a Book Reviews by Jess Facebook page.

I was reluctant to do so because I’m in the process of reimaging my blog and my blog name. One day soon I hope to have a new look (above pic is a hint to the new look) and a new name and I didn’t want to make too many more things that would need to be changed after that is done.

But Facebook and Twitter are huge networking tools that I really can’t ignore them too much.

I’m keeping my “personal” Twitter feed for the blog because, really, that’s all I ever used it for anyway. If you aren’t following me on Twitter here’s a link so you can!

But there’s a new Facebook page for the blog. So, please, if you have a Facebook profile become a fan of my page!

If you have a page too and you don’t think I’m a fan let me know in the comments! I’m always up to adding some pages to my list as well as my “page” list.

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