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New Layout – TOU WTFery

I was forced to pick a new layout design. Why?

Because I received a comment from a follower letting me know that they just couldn’t let it go anymore, that the spelling of Santa Claus in the Believe template was spelled incorrectly as “Santa Clause”.

I thought that was great to let me know so I passed on the information to both the layout coder and the graphic owner. Thinking that they could both work together to correct the spelling.

I contacted them both: Butterflygirlms Blog Design, who wrote the code for the layout and Candace Duffy Jones, who created the graphics that were used in the Believe template.

Candace states that Butterflygirlms is violating her Terms of Use (TOU).

No commercial use is allowed. You may NOT sell, share, or distribute my products in it’s original or altered form. You may not make copies except for backup purposes. If you share your work online you must give credit. Any other use will be considered infringement on the copyright laws.

Candace’s graphics are for digital scrapbooking and by “sell, share or distribute” I believe she means the graphics should not be “shared” so that others are getting her products for free.

Obviously taking her graphics and using them to create a layout is only slightly going against her TOU but REALLY, what is the problem?

If someone found your graphics that awesome to use them to create another product and distributed that to others to use, thus, making another form of FREE advertising that gets pointed right back at you. How is that a bad thing?

The bad thing now is that I’m pretty upset that I have to take this awesome layout off and replace it with a nearly equally awesome layout designed by Butterflygirlms with graphics done by Just So Scrappy.

I will, however, frown upon Candace’s decision and will probably never visit her site ever again. 😛

I hope you enjoy the new layout I chose. Butterflygirlms has a lot of great layouts to select from.



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