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Book Handbags: Twilight Style

I’ve been following a certain Etsy Shop for a while now. Spoonfulofchocolate makes these awesome book handbags straight from hardback books. Most are just heavenly and I want them but they are a bit pricey! 🙁

Today she just posted a Twilight handbag and while I’m not OMG! about it, I’m finding it hard to resist. It has sparkles!!!

Twilight Handbag

More pictures are posted on the listing. She’s selling this baby for $59 plus shipping. See? It’s pricey!

I’ve had my eye on her awesome Jane Austin cover she found.

Jane Austin handbag

I love the colors and I love how thick the spine is. BUT I hate the price! $69! And if you want the pages from the book you have to tack on and additional $15 plus shipping! 🙁 I know it’s business and I know that particular book is not the cheapest but I’m still upset that I can’t afford one. 🙁

Anyhow, I adore her book handbags. Maybe I’ll add this to my Universal Amazon Wish list and someone can special order it for me for Christmas?

What do you think? Love these? You can even buy the instructions to make them yourself but you can’t sell them yourself.

If you decide to purchase a book handbag please let her know you saw her shop via my blog! Maybe she’ll give me a discount for some extra business? One can only hope!

ETA: I also hate the idea of ripping out the pages of a book but I would buy those pages too, which is what Michelle offers, again, for an additional cost because she creates a new cover for the pages removed with the same fabric as what she uses to line the inside of the bag.

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