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Masquerade (Blue Bloods, Book 2) by Melissa De La Cruz

Masquerade (Blue Bloods, Book 2) by Melissa De La Cruz
I received this from Disney-Hyperion for review.


  • Mystery continues from book 1
  • Travel to Venice! Schuyler searches for her grandfather.
  • Much less fashion jargon.
  • Awesome masquerade ball. I would love to attend a party anonymously wearing a mask.
  • New character Kingsley Martin.


  • More Mimi. I’m really not a fan of her, at all.


I liked this one much better than the first book. I hated the over abundance of fashion jargon in book one. It is drastically reduced in the second book. Thank goodness!
I must squeal about the covers. This cover is particularly awesome because the masquerade mask is very cool. Also, I love the cityscape! I hadn’t realized that they changed with each book. Book 1 was the cityscape of New York City, which is where the story took place. But now book 2 has a new cityscape. It’s Venice, where Schuyler and Oliver travel to find her grandfather Lawrence. The next 2 books have new cityscapes as well. I love it!
I’ll be giving away the four books so far in this series once I’m done with the forth book so stay tuned!
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