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TwitterPeek Anyone?

Wow. I never saw this coming. A dedicated Twitter device has hit the market.
Introducing TwitterPeek:
For $99 you can purchase the TwitterPeek device. It comes with 6 months of prepaid Twittering access. After 6 months you’ll pay $7.95 per month for Twitter access. Or you can purchase the $199 TwitterPeek device and receive Twitter access for the lifetime of the device at no extra charge.
Peek also has dedicated devices for Email ($17.99 – 19.99) and Texting ($49).
Who knew!?


Do we really need this?

I know that my iPhone has some awesome Twitter apps. Some free some not. I’m not up for carrying around another device just so I can Twitter on-the-go, which I can already do pretty easily.

Who will buy this?

I’m just not sure honestly. The email and texting devices aren’t that expensive but when we have the kinds of cell phones that are available in today’s market we do not need separate devices for email, texting, and Twitter. Seems like such a waste to me.

Visit TwitterPeek’s website for more info.
line_separator If you’ve used one, bought one, or seen one let me know!

Per Tina’s comment, there is NO internet access. Only Twitter. That is all. It runs on cellular towers, no wi-fi, and yes, you have to pay the monthly service charge just like you would for a cell phone. All-in-all I think it’s a poor deal.

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