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Barnes & Noble Launches “Nook” eReader


Barnes & Noble launched their new eReader, Nook, today. It’s available for pre-order with a release date of November 30 with a price of $259.

Some cool features are:

  • Color Touch Screen – 3.5" TFT Color LCD
  • Touch Control & Navigation
  • Quick Library View by Book Cover
  • Wi-Fi/802.11b/g with Free Wi-Fi in all Barnes & Noble Stores
  • Memory expansion
  • Exclusive content when in your local Barnes & Noble store (I don’t have one locally…..)
  • Directly load & read PDFs (no conversion necessary)
  • EPUB and eReader Formats Supported
  • LendMe™ technology – lend to your friends with devices: nook™, iPhone™, iPod touch®,BlackBerry®, PC, Mac OS® (Devices other than nook™ require download of free B&N eReader software)
  • Android™ Operating System (no web browser)
  • Try reader in store before buying
  • Replaceable colorful back cover – 4 color choices (Pink, Orange, Green, Blue)
  • Replaceable battery

Those are a few things the Nook overpowers the Kindle 2 , I have the Kindle 1 so a few of these things do not apply to me: battery replacement, memory expansion. To see the full comparison to the Kindle 2 see their site.

The coolest thing is the “LendMe” option. Being able to lend your eBooks is a huge turn on for me. But this requires your friends to have a device or be willing to read on their PC, which I do NOT do. But if we’re talking free books then maybe I would. I’d like to see more details on this LendMe option they have. I’m sure there are restrictions and limitations on the number of times it can be shared.

Also, just to note, you can share Kindle books. You just have to register the other device on the same account. I have my Kindle, my iPhone, and my husbands iPhone all registered to my account. Therefore, he can read any book I’ve purchased on his iPhone. 🙂

And the wi-fi? Brilliant. Not the most needed aspect of an eReader but cool none the less.

Cons? There seems to be some uproar on the Nook Blog about it not having a web browser. Especially since it’s running Android. I’m not exactly sure what that is, I’m guessing the operating system and it’s apparently used on some well known cell phones. The Kindle does have this feature. It’s not the best web browsing experience but it’s there if you really need it.

Also, it doesn’t look like it supports internationally either. Which just implemented a few weeks ago.


So what do you think? Going to plunge in and buy one? I’m not sold on this one. Although the color touch screen navigation is cool, along with the wi-fi and sharing but the price point of the device and the eBooks are still lacking.

I love my Kindle and highly recommend an eReader if you read a lot, fast, want to (in the end) save money, trees, and valuable bookshelf space.

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