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Amazon Kindle Goes International!


Today announced two things.

First, the Kindle 2 has a price reduction! It’s going from $299 to $259!

That’s awesome news. I paid $399 for my Kindle 1 in December 2007. To see that this awesome product has decreased in price by $140 is very nice.


And secondly, the Kindle is also now available Internationally! For only $20 more you can access the Whispersync Network from all over the World. Here’s a wireless access map to see if you’re covered where you need or want to be!


So if you live outside of the US you can now purchase the Kindle with the International access. Or if you travel internationally you can now take advantage of purchasing on the go internationally.

And don’t forget. There’s also the Amazon Kindle DX! It’s a larger version of the Kindle 2 and not really for the everyday book reader. It’s also a bit pricey available at $489.

And for quick reference here’s a chart that shows the differences in the Kindle 2, Kindle International, and the Kindle DX.

Kindle Comparisons

And of course people are still selling the first generation Kindle 1 used for about $149.


I know that not very many readers have resorted to purchasing an ereader. Or have chosen to purchase different brands such as Sony.

I personally love my Kindle. I’m am very instant gratification kind of girl. I love that I could buy a book while sun bathing on the beach last year.

There are tons of reasons why some people just won’t purchase an ereader but I’m a pretty simple person. I know there are limits with the Kindle and I’m okay with them.

line_separator What do you think? Is headed in the right direction? I think this is a good sign that soon every person will be able to afford an ereader, whether it’s an Kindle 2, Kindle DX, or even a Sony. 🙂

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