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Cover Art: Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead posted her upcoming next installment of Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound.

I can NOT wait for this one! I read the other 4 Vampire Academy books last month. I’ll do a review of the eventually, but suffice it to say they were AWESOME. They kick major ass. Seriously. I <3 Dimitri.


Spirit Bound (Book 5) by Richelle Mead

Razorbill (May 18, 2010)

528 pages, Young Adult


The previous books, in order, are:

Vampire Academy (Book 1) by Richelle Mead
Frostbite (Book 2) by Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss (Book 3) by Richelle Mead
Blood Promise (Book 4) by Richelle Mead

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