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So I took most of the day today updating my blog with a new layout theme. I picked out the layout last night and planned to do the conversion today. It was a LOT of work but I’m very pleased with the outcome.

The header is super cute! The girl even resembles me nearly perfectly, except for maybe the eyes, mine are more round, and I wear glasses 95% of the time. And the laptop is just too perfect because that’s what I have in front of me 90% of the time, if it’s not a book.

I’m happy with the color combination. I’m a pretty girly girl and the mauve seems nice.

I love the slick nav bar menu under the header. I’m still playing around with that so you’ll be seeing the “Coming Soon”s for a while until I perfect it.

I also love the Twitter follow me icon on the top right of the header and the automatic last Tweet above it.

I know that everybody uses something different to access the internet, ie browsers are numerous these days, so if you could please take a moment to look around and let me know if anything is amiss I would greatly appreciate it.

Well I hope you like it as much as I do!


Thanks for all the responses!

I found this layout on the web! It’s actually designed by the same designer as my previous layout. I am in the process of getting a layout personalized for me but the designer is moving and having other issues so it’ll be a while before she even gets to start on it.

The pictures on the main page that show a snippet of my blog posts will look scrunched. It’s just what it does with the first image of the post. I don’t mind it because I know that’s just meant to be a “preview” of what’s inside.

I adjusted the font type and size on some of the text. Thanks Christine!

I made the text on the banner a dark brown instead of white or light mauve. Thanks La Coccinelle for that suggestion.

I found a super cool website that does palette matching. Color Hunter is so cool. Check it out! You can upload a picture and it will give you a palette. Awesomeness.

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