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Cover Art: Twice As Hot by Gena Showalter

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Oh, shiny!
Twice As Hot by Gena Showalter is follow up novel to Playing with Fire, which I read way back in March 2008. Gena is by far one of my most favorite authors. She does a phenomenal job writing action and romance and it usually incorporates a slight mystery. I will be reading this as soon as it comes out January 26, 2010.
Blurb (Gena’s blog):

Set the world on fire? With Belle Jamison, it’s always a possibility. Literally.
Planning a wedding is tough. Especially when the bride can shoot fireballs from her eyes and accidentally torches her dress, the groom returns from a dangerous mission with selective memory loss and the man responsible now desires Belle for his own.
Any other time, Belle would turn to her ultra sexy fiancé Rome Masters for comfort. But the only thing he can’t remember is her – and now his ex is determined to win him back. With the help of her trusty empath sidekick, an optimistic Belle continues to plan her wedding, fight a new band of supervillans, and tries not to accidentally on purpose start too many fires. . . except when she gets Rome into bed. . .

Haven’t read Playing with Fire?! Well read it! 🙂 It’s also available in Kindle Edition.
play with fire
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