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I Love Morning Glories!

Just needed to share this, so I am.

I love morning glories, specifically ‘Star of Yelta’ morning glories.

I started with them just around my light pole out front. But one year I decided to plant them around the porch railing at the front door. Well, this year and last, they have really taken off! It’s like a forest of morning glories! You can’t really tell how dense they are from the pictures but they are!

I have to keep an eye on them so that they don’t wander off and strangle nearby plants, which they do to the potted petunias you see in the pics. However, I did leave a large cooler out on the porch to dry out but left it there too long and now the vines have consumed it’s handle. I don’t want to break the vines to get it free. It’ll just have to stay there a bit longer. 🙂

The vines work so well to conceal our fire wood that we didn’t remove after winter but can’t do now because we’ll be needing it again very soon!

Here are some pictures of my ‘Star of Yelta’ morning glories!

I love, love, love when they take off like in the picture of them headed around the pond and then a branch of them headed across the sidewalk! 🙂

I glow each morning when I see them. They are smiles in a plant.


100_0450 100_0453 100_0456 100_0457 Do you plant flowers? What are your favorites and why?

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