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NEW Winner! Prey (Werecats, Book 4) by Rachel Vincent

Prey (Werecats, Book 4) by Rachel Vincent
Mira (July 1, 2009)
400 pages (per
$7.99 (; 06/25/09)

Nicole H. did not redeem her prize and I have ran the randomizer thing again and our new winner is:

Thanks to everyone for entering.

donnas please send me your shipping info so that I can place your order on for Prey: bookreviewsbyjess AT gmail DOT com You have until July 12th to email me or I’ll have to pick a new winner. I have your email so I’m going to go ahead and forward this to you too. Nicole did not leave an email. 🙁

The series is as follows:

Stray (Shifters, Book 1): My Review
Rogue (Shifters, Book 2): My Review
Pride (Shifters, Book 3): My Review
Prey (Shifters, Book 4): My Review
Shift (Shifters, Book 5) coming March 2010
Alpha (Shifters, Book 6) coming October 2010

Still don’t have a copy? Order Prey from!

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