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Put Twenty Boy Summer On The Map Contest

Put Twenty Boy Summer on the map!

Twenty Boy Summer has escaped from its boxes before the official June

1 release date and has already been spotted in the wild at a bookstore

near Buffalo, NY. Author Sarah Ockler is hosting a contest to track

sightings of TBS all over the country. Now through June 30, if you

spot her book in a bookstore or library, you can enter to win a cool

TBS Beach Prize Pack!


  1. Take a picture or video of Twenty Boy Summer on the shelves in the

    store, kiosk, or library

  2. Email it with your first name, store/library name, and the city and

    state where it was taken to sarah (dot) ockler (at) gmail (dot) com

    with the subject “TBS Map Contest”

  3. For an extra entry, take a picture or video of the book with YOU in

    it, holding it or pointing at it or singing to it or doing some other

    creative (but not illegal) thing 🙂

Pics and videos will be posted at along with a Google

map showing all of the places Twenty Boy Summer has been spotted in

the wild. The more times you find and document TBS in different stores

and libraries, the more times you can enter!

The contest is open to U.S. residents only. Participants under age 13

must have a parent/guardian enter for them. Sarah will randomly select

a winning entry from all of the entries on July 1 and will notify the

winner by email.

Good luck and happy book hunting!

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