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In My Mailbox Wednesday?! I won!

OMG! I was notified the other day by Jane from Dear Author that I won the GRAND PRIZE to the Lisa Klepas Smooth Talking StrangerSave the Contemporary” Contest! How cool is that?! My prize was to be:

a grand prize package of 20 titles from SMP’s backlist (Lora Leigh, Jennifer Crusie, Cheyenne McCray, and the like) to a random entrant.

So, when I saw a large package on the porch today what did I do? I ignored it! I totally thought it was the shoes we ordered for my hubby. He carried in the large package when he arrived home. And I was like, “Is that heavy?”, he replied, “Yup.” “OH, I thought it was your shoes!”, “Nope. Too heavy for shoes.” I stopped stuffing my face with Subway and proceeded to tear the box open. What was inside?

BOOKS! LOTS and LOTS of BOOKS! 32 books to be exact!

I’d like to thank Jane of Dear Author and Sarah of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for the amazing contest. I never thought I’d win the GRAND PRIZE! I’m kinda sad that 10 out of 32 books are of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series. I’ve read nearly all of them on my Kindle, a few I skipped because they weren’t available on the Kindle, so that’s cool that I can go back and fill in the gaps. BUT they’ll also look great on a book shelf. Now, where do I put another book shelf? I’m afraid these books will be returning to the box that they arrived in until I can find them a proper home!

If you’re not already following Dear Author and or Smart Bitches, Trashy Books you should!

Now….what to read….I kid, I kid!


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