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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday!
I was born April 14th, 1983, which makes me 26!

I have to work today so that’s kinda sad but I had yesterday off visiting family over the weekend in Prospect Hill, NC. It was loads of fun but I’m happy to be back.

Speaking of back….my back is killing me! I’m sure it’s a combo of the bed we slept on and the 6 hour drive down and back again. I took a hot shower before bed last night hoping that would help (I’m writing this on Saturday night so I don’t know if it has helped yet or not…).

Today I plan to leave work on time, which I never do. I hope to have Sloppy Joe’s with potato chips for dinner. I know my sister is going to stop by tonight to see me so that’s cool. I don’t really enjoy cake so I won’t be sad if there isn’t one for me. And we’ll be going to a dinner this weekend, Saturday I believe, to a lovely restaurant with family style (Pennsylvania Dutch) cooking and serving. We’ll be leaving our daughter with a grandparent as it’s not too kid friendly because it tends to be super quite and if the kid isn’t cooperating the entire restaurant knows about it.


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