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Friday Fill In!

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1. Why do we have to work 5 days a week?!
2. Drinking coffee and getting to work late everyday are now habits. o.O
3. I have a lovely cup of Hot Chai Latte.
4. I had never heard of the phrase “You can’t shine a turd.” and it confused me at first but then I understood the meaning.
5. I’m blogging instead of working the way I always do.
6. How was I to know that blogging would overcome work!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to spending time with our friends Lori, Kevin, and their baby boy Lucas, tomorrow my plans include reading (!), maybe some laundry and housework (no!), and Sunday, I want to read more(!)!

What about you?!


Wife, mother of a nearly 7 year old daughter named Madison and new baby boy Riley. Avid reader on my Amazon Kindle. World of Warcraft and CS:S gamer.

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