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Desire Unchained (Demonica, Book 2) By Larissa Ione

This story is about Demonica brother Shade. We meet him in the first Demonica book that covered his brother’s, Eidolon, story. We learn that Shade, of course, is an incubus just like his other brothers. He ended a relationship with a human woman, Runa Wagner, because she walked in on him “engaged” with two other females. Shade is unique also. He has the ability to “beat” the deep, dark, nasty truths out of women, which ends up being a big part of this story as well.

We find ourselves in a dungeon with Shade and Runa chained apart to the walls. Their captor is very surprising and is the major plot of the story so I will not divulge that info.

Also, Runa is special now.

The captor trys to torture Shade with sexual acts without release. Left to die in his cell after the torture, he asks Runa to hurt him bad. She does and he gets all better. The captor does one hell of a cloak on Shade and Runa which results in them consummating the mating sequence, only Runa doesn’t end up with the tell-tale mating mark on her hand. They end up working together to escape.

Shade and Runa stick together to keep their captor away from Runa. Shade’s bonding has really impacted his defenses and he doesn’t feel safe if Runa isn’t with him.

That’s about as much as I should say about the basic plot of this story. There are a ton of details I didn’t hit on because, frankly, they are too important to just dish out here. The plot is complex and amazingly written. The characters are very likeable. Shade is just adorable in this book. Runa is a kick ass girl who doesn’t take any shit from Shade or his brothers, which is saying a lot when it comes to Wraith. I really enjoyed reading this book. The story and the world of Underground General are two things I appreciate when I read these books in this series.
I’ve already begun reading Passion Unleashed, which is Wraith’s story and I’m soooo looking forward to seeing how Wraith handles his change. Wraith is full of emotion and we get a sneak peek of that in Desire Unchained.


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