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I LOVE this series! It’s old, from 1999, but it’s awesome! It has Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy in it. And it’s sooooo much like Twilight it’s not even funny! The premise is the same any way and it’s great, if not even better than Twilight. They totally should have made Twilight a series and not a motion picture. More money from a movie I guess.


Left to Right above: Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl), Max Evans (Jason Behr), Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby), and Michael Guerin (Brenden Fehr)

Max (Edward) is an alien. He outs himself as one to save Liz’s (Bella) life after she is shot in the chest at the Crash Down diner. They create a bond instantly. Everyone is suspicious but they manage to cover it up only by the hair of their chiny chin chins. Max has a sister, Isabel, played by Katherine Heigl, and a best friend, Michael.

I’ve watched all 22 issues of season 1 for free on I’ve added season 2 to my queue on and can’t wait to get them in the mail. Hubby needs to watch some and return his!

I highly recommend watching this series but if you like it by the 4th or 5th episode I’d recommend getting season 2 lined up some way or form, cause you will want to watch more by the time you get to the last episode of season 1. There are only 3 seasons of this show. I really hope it ends well and not leaving me feeling lacking. That would be a bummer.

Have you already watched this series? What did you think? Can you compare it to Twilight?


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