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Walk on the Wild Side by Christine Warren

So, yeah, I love shape shifter books!
I was thinking about this today and thinking, then why do I love Edward over Jacob? My conclusion was that I like men shape shifters, not boys. And since Edward is technically over 100 years old he’s basically a man. That’s my analysis.

So, Christine Warren wrote a very lovely story. It’s sad and romantic and full of action.

Kitty is in a car accident with her mother. She escapes on four legs instead of two. She’s 24 years old and just found out she’s an “other”. Her mother lied to her about her father dying in a car accident on prom night. She’s found out he’s alive and he contacts her with information so she can come meet him. She was also raised by her grandparents.

She flies out to Vegas to meet her father. When she arrives at the airport she heads right to the bathroom only to be attacked by a suspected mugger. She shifts under pressure and scares the crud out of her attacker but he doesn’t flee until another man walks into the bathroom. This man is Max Stuart and he helps her shift back to human because she doesn’t know how. Once she’s back, she’s also naked.

Max takes her under his wing. He takes her to the Savannah hotel, which he explains to her is owned by her father and Max is the president of. She’s overwhelmed by the luxury of Max and the hotel. They talk a lot that night about her father, her father’s family, wealth etc.

The big issues to come up in this story is that Kitty’s father is dying of cancer and his ex-wife, daughter, and son are upset about him bringing his bastard child into the picture now when his inheritance is up for grabs. The shit hits the fan with this family. And that Max is the one to take the reins after his passing.

Kitty is a lioness in the story which is cool and they refer to themselves as Leos. I liked that.

Very good book!


Walk on the Wild Side


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