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My Immortal Protector by Jen Holling

This was a very cool book to read! It’s set in Scotland, in primative times ie horses, carriages, castles.
The book follows the story of Deidra MacKay, the daughter of healing witches, who’s power is to communicate with the animals. She doesn’t use her power to talk to the animals because when she was about 8 years old she watched a “pastor” torture her father, got upset, and told the animals to attack the man. The paster has since put Deidra at the top of his list to burn her at the stake for being a devil possessed witch.

Well, that pastor is back in town and looking for her. She decides it’s the best time to leave now and pursue the legend of a “vampire”, they use a nifty word I can’t remember, that’s living a few days walk away that can take her witch powers away. On her way she stops at Stephen Ross’s castle. He’s a crippled man from a bullet to the spine. He lives in perpetual pain and is lucky to be able to walk around. He welcomes her company and is intregued by her mission to find this person who can heal others. He decides that he wants to go so he can be healed himself. Stephen may be crippled but he’s still a very handsome man. Deidra is attracted to him and he’s attracted to her as well.

They embarq on their mission and it’s full of all kinds of obstacles. Stephen does his best to be as much of a man as possible but it never fails that Deidra ends up saving him in some way. I guess they both went back and forth with the savings though. They make a very good couple.

Do they make it to the vampire and get cured? You’ll have to read to find out!


My Immortal Protector


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