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The Host: Shadows by M K Mancos

I decided to read this book because I’ve been reading the short stories from The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (Mammoth Books) and this author wrote a story that I really enjoyed.

The Host: Shadows stars a woman, Angelia Lightheart, who is walking home one night from her lame boyfriends house, is attacked in an alley and nearly raped when she’s saved by a man who crushes her assailant’s neck in front of her. She’s freaked out by this but still can’t ignore that he’s all man with glowing amber eyes.

Her savior was Tristain St. Blaise who is the host of a symbiote that makes him crave blood. Basically he’s a vampire but not really. He’s able to walk in the day time and eat and drink. But he has these urges to drink blood. His profession is as a hired assassin. That’s why he runs into Angelia, he was down the street ridding the world of a sick priest and hears her distress.

They end up bumping into each other within the next couple of days. She’s about to being a new job at Achilles International, which is owned and operated by Tristain’s nemisis Achilles, who is his creator. And who also happens to be his next assignment.

Lots of plot ensues, including Tristain finding out that his son didn’t die 200 years ago like he was told but that he was being raised by Achilles with the impression that Tristain had abandoned him 200 years ago.

The relationship that grows between Tristain and Angelia is very strong and very cute. He holds back so much with his feelings that it’s almost too much to take when he finally opens up.

There is much action in this book. The character development and the rivalary going down make the story very interesting.



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