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Dark Side of the Moon (A Dark-Hunter Novel, Book 10) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I’ve playing catch up! I read this the beginning of October.

This was an amazing book!

Susan is a reporter. She works for a paranormal magazine. She doesn’t like it but it pays the bills. Her good friend Angie, that’s a vet, asks her to stop in at the animal shelter to talk to her husband who’s a cop. They use a cat that’s in the shelter as cover. Susan is highly allergic. She ends up taking the cat home to complete the cover story. When she gets the cat home he morphs into a large, naked man on her living room floor. She immediately thinks it’s a hoax setup by her boss.

Ravyn is anything but a hoax. He’s a Dark Hunter. He used to be a were-hunter but no longer. They are immediately attacked by Striker’s men. They run away from the men. They retreat to a safe house but it’s also attacked soon. They are forced to retreat to the were-hunter sanctuary, which is run by Ravyn’s family that has disowned him. But they can’t turn them away; it’s agaisnt the law to turn away those in need. Susan cares for Ravyn in a room in the basement. He was hit with a trank and is acting all weird.

Once he recovers they work together to figure out what exactly the daimons are planning, which is to take over Seattle completely by killing the Dark Hunters off one by one.

Susan and Ravyn start to fall for each other. It really is a lovely romance that sprouts between them.

A great read!


Dark Side of the Moon


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