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Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 9) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, now, this is probably my favorite of this series so far. Remember I started with book 7, not book 1.

I LOVE shapeshifter books and this one was amazing.

Marguerite is the daughter of a state senator who is very selfish and expectant of Maggie’s success. He bought her a house and is paying for her schooling. She’s also Nick’s, the new Dark-Hunter, good friend from a study group. The the members of said study group decide to honor the memory of Nick by going to Sanctuary, the bar that Nick talked to Maggie about, to drink to Nick. One guy is a major ass to a very reserved busboy with dreads and a pet monkey. The ass ends up throwing his beverage in the busboy’s face because he notices that the busboy is staring at Maggie. Maggie notices him too. She feels him staring at her. She is intreiged and figures out that his name is Wren because Nick used to talk about him to her. Once the beverage makes contact with Wren’s eyes he flips out and proceeds to attack the jerk that threw it. The bar bouncers are on Wren instantly. Maggie is so upset that she yells at her friend and tells the rest of them to leave without her. She wants to make sure Wren is okay. He’s fine and he’s very aware of Maggie. They introduce themselves to each other and say goodbye.

On the way home Maggie gets assaulted, but Wren pops out of no where to save her. He ends up shot, but he ignores it and sees her home. And that’s the beginning of their amazing relationship. Wren ends up being a hybrid shapeshifter tigard, a mix of white tiger and snow leopard. He has a very shaky past that Maggie helps him through.

A great book. The only thing that was different than the other Dark-Hunter books was that there weren’t any Dark-Hunters in this book, only the shapeshifters. That was kind of disappointing.


Unleash the Night


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