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Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 8) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is book 8 of the Dark-Hunter series. I started with book 7 but I’m not lost at all!

This story centers around a female Dark Hunter named Danger. Yes, that’s right. The male lead in this story isn’t a Dark Hunter but Acheron’s Alexion, which is basically his vice principle. He lays out the law to Dark Hunters who run astray from the good side. He’s only given a physical body to enter the human realm once every two centuries or so.

Acheron sends him in to take care of the current uprising lead by Stryker, who is an evil god who wants to reap revenge for his son, Urian’s death. That’s the only thing that I was confused about during this book. Urian was a Dark Hunter in the previous book who’s body was taken control of by a daemon. I didn’t think he died in that book. But oh well.

Alexion meets Danger when she comes home from patroling. He makes himself at home. She goes about her evening like she usally does, with a bowl of popcorn and a movie in her media room. He follows her around because he has a feeling that someone is watching them. When he settles down in the media room with her they have a brief talk about the awesomeness of Brad Pitt’s ass in the movie Troy. At this point Alexion reveals how sexually tense he is considering her only gets to touch a female body once every two hundered years or so. Danger of course finds him extremely sexy.

They hit it off very well. They become a team to track down the Dark Hunters that Stryker is trying to convert. All the while Archeron is fighting with himself to not interfer while Alexion is out taking care of the situation.

I can’t devulge the ending events. But leave it to say that Alexion and Danger are a perfect couple.

I’m thinking of going back and reading the books from the beginning of the series. BUT! The first book isn’t available for the Kindle. And book 3, 5, and 6  aren’t available either! But book 2 and 4 are….now that doesn’t make any sense to me! Maybe I’ll keep going forward instead.

Sins of the Night (A Dark-Hunter Novel, Book 8)


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