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Kids and Scissors

So, today was a first. Madison had her first “real” hair cut today. Why?
I’ve always trimmed it. Until a couple of months ago when she got her hands on a pair of scissors and took a chunk out of it. It wasn’t too much to be noticed but it still made me upset.

Well this morning I woke up to a different situation. She had taken the scissors to her entire head. We don’t normally have any issues with her waking up before us and watching some cartoons for a while. Until today.

Here’s a picture of Madi a few weeks ago:

And here’s what she now looks like after her first hair cut:

My husband says it fits her personality better. I think it’s cute but I’m still in mourning of the lost hair.
Patrick says she looks pixie like and she’s a real firecracker so he thinks it suits her well.

Edit: She looks like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

At least it’ll be easier to take care of now. o.O


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