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Noah (The Nightwalkers, Book 5) by Jacquelyn Frank

Book 5 of the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank.

This was a very good book.

The King of the Demons seeks out Corrine to help him find his mate that he has been dreaming about for the past six months. It’s days away from the moon holiday Sanhaim (spelling?) which Noah will not be able to handle if he doesn’t find his mate. Corrine helps him reach her through her powers. He finds out her name, Kestra. She’s a hard ass who likes to be in control even in their touchy feely dreams, which just so happen to not really be dreams at all.

Noah has another session with Corrine and he’s babysitting Jacob and Bella’s daughter (can’t remember her name!) so he brings her along. Noah hasn’t been dreaming of Kestra since the previous session. Corrine can’t seeem to find her either. The baby walks into the room and all of a sudden Noah is in two places at once. Half of the room is now in the past where Noah can see Kestra talking to a man, an attack proceeds and then Kestra is shot in the head. Noah collapses. The room is covered in soot and debris from the action.

Noah heads home. He’s breaking up inside knowing that his mate is dead. He makes the only decision he’s left with. He takes Bella & Jacob’s baby hostage to Corrine’s, where he drains Kane’s, Corrine’s mate, energy, makes Corrine go down stairs and repeat the previous session with the hope that he can jump planes of existance and assist Kestra from her assailant. Of course Bella and Jacob are hot on his trail. Noah is able to jump the plans, assist Kestra, and bring her back to his castle.

Kestra isn’t about to give up her freewill to some hunky looking man. The rest of the story is all about Kestra pushing Noah away because she’s afraid of the feelings she’s feeling. I.E. she doesn’t want to feel turned on, she uses sex as a tool not for enjoyment, and she does enjoy it.  🙂 

Noah’s character really takes a leap for me. In the previous books I looked up to him as the “king” but he’s calling Kestra “baby” in this book and that just seemed sooooo out of character for him. It really bothered me. Everytime I read it coming from his mouth I kind of cringed. Weird, but it happened. He did have a native Demon endearment he called her too but “baby” was used more often than not.

Kestra’s character was perfect for Noah. I was pleased by this.

It doesn’t look like there’s going to be another Nightwalker book. The next book due out by Jackie Frank is Ecstasy: The Shadowdwellers, due January 6, 2009. The shadowdwellers were a breed of nightwalkers in this series. I’m confused by this. There is no synopsis about this book either.

Either way, this book rocked.



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